Sightseeing Tour Regensburg

Sightseeing Tour Regensburg City Excursions

Voyage of discovery with B. v. P.
 B.v. P. stands for Birgit von Paczensky.
I got to know and to estimate Regensburg as an impressing town with italian flair.
With pleasure I would show you the original sources of the town and lead you through the centuries of history until today.
Porta Praetoria, the old corn market, the old stone bridge are going to be parts of my guided tour.
Come with me to a 1/12 - 2 hours lasting voyage of discovery.

Stadtrundgang Regensburg Stadtrundfahrt

Travel Guide Regensburg - Guided tour visit the famous sights

Travel Guide Regensburg - Guided tour visit the famous sights

You will get a fundamental survey of the most important events medieval history and their presently influence.
My guided tour costs: 2 - 6 participants 50,- Euros
7 - 30 participants 60,- Euros
31 - 50 participants 70,- Euros

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Appointments after telephonic agreement
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Are you looking for a competent guide for your day trips in Bavaria, at the sights and attractions in Niederbayern und Oberpfalz explore around Regensburg.
Altmühltal day trip or day trip to Regensburg and Walhalla

Guided tours in Regensburg - Regensburg walking tour of historic

Birgit v. Paczensky
 Godimstrasse 24a, 93080 Pentling  /  Landkreis Regensburg - Oberpfalz
Phone: 0941 - 9428784  -  Mobil Phone: 0162 - 1520414


Regensburg City Tour - tour guide and city guide “Birgit”

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Guide Regensburg - city tour, excursions - voyage of discovery

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